Voor de internationale prijsvraag van Colombo Design, een italiaanse deurklinken fabrikant hebben we de volgende inzending gemaakt:

Nowadays architecture is eclectic; every single architect seems to have his own perspective on architecture. modernist architecture, sustainable design, interactive architecture, computer aided design, retro and neo-styles etcetera. there is no common leitmotiv to be found, so what could the leitmotiv for the design of a door handle suitable for contemporary forms of architecture be?

As a starting point for the design of this door handle the word “perspective” became a leading point. All the different perspectives of the architect could be brought together in one literal perspective: the frame that is the door handle.

The shape of the door handle is basic, but different then the standard. a frame is formed by a rectangle, inside the frame a perspective arises. This perspective is, like contemporary architecture, not linear. the lines give shape to curved surfaces: a straight frame with a sculptural heart.

The door handle can be cast in metal or milled out of wood.

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